Retro Unbox: Panasonic RQ-2102 Portable Cassette Recorder

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  1. I had one very similar to that. My father came back in 1989 with a box full of junk he bought from a flea market. Among the stuff found there was an old tape player recorder like that. It wasn’t a gift to me; it was just there, but I took it over. I taped music and made radio shows with my friends. I taped a lot of Beatles and industrial techno on them. I still have the tapes. Towards its end of life, the play button wouldn’t stay down, so I would stick pieces of paper to make it play.

    I used it through grades 7 to 11 until 1993, when my older sister bought me a better player. I left Mexico 1994, so that tape player was left behind. I don’t know what happened to it.

    Thanks for the jogging those memories :)

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