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Volkswagen’s 3rd generation Beetle and the neo-retro look

29 Jun

Since Volkswagen released what’s being called the “masculine”, “sporty” 2012 Beetle, a lot of car enthusiasts have looked at the new model wondering what it says about VW, the new car market, and what people want in an iconic car model. I can’t be the only person wondering what this car’s influence will be on neo-retro design. Is the 2012 Beetle, the “3rd Gen Beetle“, really a neo-retro car like its predecessor, the “New Beetle“? Or is it just a funky European hatchback?

To analyse the design a little, I put together some little gif animations. Here’s the original Beetle body style in all its celebrated spendor (1968 model shown).

Here’s the New Beetle (2010 model).

And here’s the 3rd Generation Beetle (2012 model).

Here are all the faces combined into one image:  (more…)